С последним днем весны 2020, дорогие! И пусть она была самой странной за все время, что я помню - пустые баночки скопились, да еще в каком количестве! Давайте скорее смотреть и обсуждать! Напоминаю, фиолетовые ссылки ведут на полные посты о продукте.

Summer is about to begin, and so it's time to think about your figure. If you ate extra pounds during quarantine and self-isolation, you need to get rid of them. Fortunately, modern manufacturers offer many different devices to restore the former harmony. For example, the site FeelinGirl offers excellent accessories  to become a couple of sizes smaller in a short time. Let's see the assortment in more detail.

Waist and thigh trimmer are made with an inner anti-slip grid that repels moisture and eliminates slipping or rolling during your workout. They are engineered to burn fat and lose inches from your uppers arms! Sauna heat compression to the bicep & tricep areas allows your metabolism to increase during regular activities & working out.

Leg exercise gets to a whole new level with the Hot Shapers thighs wraps for upper leg toning. Doesn’t matter if you are a plus size girl or any other body type, the leg sleeves will help you on the road of owning beautiful toned thighs with reduced cellulite levels due the detox effect of increased perspiration.

Shapewear best bodysuit shapewear and is cool option for giving visual harmony. His characteristics:
  • Shoulder hooks and eyes are adjustable for a great fit;
  • High elastic fabric and compression design accommodate most bust sizes;
  • Rubber in the middle of abdomen for strong tummy control.

Be more confident and show your attractive figure in this Bodysuits. It Features: 
  • Crotchless design is convenient for going to the toilet; 
  • Three rows of hooks closure can be adjusted freely for better control; 
  • Inner fabric can better to sweating, keeping dry and smooth feeling; 
  • Feel comfortable with wide flower pattern lace hemline.

Лучше обычной туши для ресниц может быть только тушь с эффектом накладных ресниц, согласны? Такая есть у #Eveline - встречайте, Volumix Fiberlast Mascara.

Hello, my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog about Kis.net dresses! Kis.net is a webshop where you can find many different dresses but the most popular ones currently are business casual dress for womenplus size dresses for beach vacation and maxi dresses. Besides dresses, you can shop for tops, bottoms, sets and jumpsuits. They also provide very fast shipping services and free shipping worldwide which is really important! It only takes them eight to thirteen days to deliver any order to any place in the world! That’s really amazing! 

When shopping, you can pay via PayPal or using your credit card. Their company is focused on attractive designs, fine tailoring processes, high quality and comfortable material. The prices are below 50 dollars so their dresses are affordable and trendy at the same time. I will show you two of their most popular dresses right now.

This black dress with lace looks quite original. It hides the flaws of the figure and makes it more elongated. In my opinion, this is a great option for everyday wear. What do you think? Drop me a line in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

This dress looks very elegant, and I think it would be nice to wear it for a special dinner or for some business event. In the photo it looks very flattering, emphasizes the parts of the body that should be highlighted, and very feminine. I also like the bright red insert - it clearly attracts attention. Do you think so?

That would be everything for this post! I hope you have liked this post and that you have enjoyed reading it! I suggest you visiting this webshop and checking out their dresses because they are currently having huge sales. Thank you so much for reading and for sticking to the very end! Love you all so much and talk to you really, really soon!
Середина мая, а за окном практически лето! Пришла пора пользоваться солнцезащитным кремом, если вы конечно не хотите получить ожог кожи или пигментацию. Каждый сезон я приобретаю новый санскрин, ведь пользоваться средствами с предыдущего года нельзя - они уже потеряли свою эффективность. В 2020 я пользуюсь кремом #Faberlic из серии Leto&Plage с SPF50.

Я фанатею по длинным волосам и всегда стараюсь их еще больше отрастить=) Конечно, качество шевелюры тоже важно. Встречайте, тройку средств для ослабленных и склонных к выпадению волос #Eveline Hair Clinic Oleo Expert Fast Growth.

Очищающие маски я делаю раз в неделю - большего сухая кожа и не требует. Но при выборе я обязательно смотрю на состав - чтобы не сушили еще больше. Эта маска от #Mixit подошла мне идеально.
Today a few words about the company I recently met - Dazzle Luna. This is an online store that sells jewelry. On the site you will find tabs with earrings, rings or necklaces. With Dazzle Luna, you can surprise your loved ones. You will find various gift baskets for days such as Valentine's Day, Birthday, or Mother's Day.

The unique design of each piece of jewelry is due to young, experienced designers. Each item is made by hand.

Hoop earrings are very popular now. Look how beautiful they are

And cross necklace will draw attention to the neckline

Standard shipping takes 7 to 10 business days. You can also choose express delivery, then you will wait from 1 to 3 business days. Each batch is sent in a decorative box and optionally in a cardboard box for protection. Products can be returned up to 30 days at no extra charge.

Конец апредя, но до сезона фруктов и ягод пока далеко, так что поднимаем себе настроение соответствующими ароматными косметическими продуктами. Я обожаю гели для душа #YvesRocher за их приятные отдушки, нежную пену и бережное отношение к коже. А потому, пока до августа и сезона арбузов далеко - наслаждаюсь арбузным гелем для душа Les Jardins Du Monde Astrakhan Watermelon.
Очередная россыпь масок для лица от любимого бренда #EvelineCosmetics . И если классические тканевые маски я уже пробовала, то вот пузырьковые от марки для меня в новинку. Давайте пробовать вместе.