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Hello everyone! Spring has come, and I am very glad - time to update my wardrobe. And what kind of female wardrobe can you imagine without a handbag, and not even one? No, right! Therefore, let's choose our own new accessories for spring and the upcoming summer with the site Baginning.com.

sequin clutches - without them not to do at the upcoming graduations or weddings, which are traditionally held in spring and summer.
Beautiful green purse-handbag, studded with stones. He looks very elegant, beautiful, appropriate to a long or short dress, emphasizes his sophistication.

A small bag without a handle, also decorated with rhinestones. I like large stones, delicate decor, elegant pink-golden lining color. Undoubtedly, this accessory will attract the attention of all people.

And this feminine handbag reminds me a bit of retro - the same cute pen, the shape of a wallet without a hard frame. Pink embroidery with stones and beads looks very beautiful in any look.

Real luxury is in your hands! This elegant handbag with a butterfly pattern made of decorative stones on a silver base draws attention with its grace. An excellent choice even for the brides themselves.

Evening simple handbag of deep blue color will sparkle in electric light not worse than starry sky. She is elegant, small, but will definitely put everything she needs in herself - a phone, a credit card, a lipstick and a mirror.

evening clutches - and these are traditional clutch evening parties, which are appropriate both for visiting the party and the theater. See how beautiful they are!
Just look at this Christmas ball - it looks extremely futuristic and attracts attention with its extraordinary look. It seems to me that this is a great idea for publication.

If your lover invited you to a date in a restaurant or theater, then take this cute little white handbag with rhinestone decorations to capture its attention. At the same time show him your love.

Another heart, but more traditional shape and color. Velvet clutch can be taken to a party, to the cinema or theater, as well as on a date. Red luxurious color only emphasizes your confidence.

Unusual evening bag of pink leather with treated triangular edges. Such a fringe gives a confident woman, emphasizes her sharp temper. A large golden buckle also claims that the owner of the accessory is an expert in jewelry.

For real romantic persons, I suggest choosing this unusually delicate silk handbag with an original decoration of a rose-bow. She looks very beautiful and touching, comes to thin dresses on the floor with delicate pastel tones.

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