Крутые новинки появились в ассортименте бренда #Skinlite  - это фольгированные маски с золотом. Их 3 вида - розовое, классическое и черное золото.

Новинки #Lush не могут не радовать настоящих поклонников бренда. Я точно вхожу в их число, обожаю форматы средств марки и отдушки. Новое очищающее средство Перед сном выполнено в формате плитки с забавным принтом спящего человечка.

Бюджетная марка #Still славится своим крутым ассортиментом. Я уже рассказывала о туши и карандаше марки, теперь пришла пора познакомиться с блеском для губ и увлажняющей губной помадой. 

Начнем новую неделю с бодрящих масок? Я обычно использую их сразу комплексом: пилинг, очищение и увлажнение. Сегодня покажу варианты для последних 2 этапов - маски от #Eveline .

Any girl in the wardrobe should have at least one evening dress. And not one is better. The site Newarrivaldress will help you choose the most beautiful wholesale special occasion dresses

Lace is the most feminine part of any thing, so it is not surprising that it is precisely its designers who use it in their dresses. I like these outfits for their tenderness. Dusted shades always emphasize the beauty of the skin, no matter if it is light or tanned. These dresses are richly decorated with lace, emphasize the waist and beautiful legs. A mini-loop makes them truly evening.
 This dress, in my understanding, is the most suitable for an evening appearance. Beautiful deep black color, brilliant design and a modest incision on the leg give it its charm and one hundred percent getting into the image of a diva. And thin straps will emphasize the fragility of the figure and will please lovers of open hands. Curls and a mini handbag are the perfect complement to it.
 This evening dress is useful for proms. After all, any yesterday’s schoolgirl dreams of becoming a princess. This dress can be worn at a party at the end of the institute to feel adulthood. I like the corners on the hem - they look unusually attractive. Plus, they make the skirt magnificent, which adds femininity. A modest top on thin straps will emphasize the beauty of the hands.
Blue royal color always looks advantageous on brunettes and blondes, fair-skinned or tanned girls. Therefore, it is universal, plus it adds to the image of nobility. This satin dress is chic not only due to the color, but also due to the open back. Drapery at the waist adds to his unusualness, thin straps emphasize the beauty of the hands, and a long train attracts attention and makes the image more evening.
And another site Yesbabyonline for a great choice cheap wedding dresses.  Who said a wedding would definitely be expensive? This site will dispel all your doubts, because there you can find beautiful dresses inexpensively.
 Luxurious dress for a real princess. It is richly decorated with embroidery along the entire length of the product, emphasizes the thin waist and beautiful chest of the bride. I like the train and the chic silhouette of a mermaid, which will only fit very thin. But the head decoration is simply excellent - a long patterned veil and a beautiful crown. Everything for the perfect bride!
 I consider this dress ideal for any bride. Because it is beautiful and sophisticated, it emphasizes the figure, tenderness and freshness of the main heroine of the evening. A modest top - a bodice on thin straps with lace patterns smoothly flows into a chic and richly colored long train that looks amazing in photographs. Please note that the bottom is also lace - it is very beautiful.
 Another immodest dress option for a delightful celebration. The bride looks incredibly chic due to the long hem, really, in it you can wrap up half of the guests. But it is very beautiful! A modest bodice without strapless emphasizes a beautiful breast, and a long veil smoothly connects to the train. To this, it is important to choose a minimum of jewelry, so as not to turn into an overly decorated woman.
Finally, I will show a modest dress that any bride who can get married in the summer can wear. It is made in a simple hippie style and does not require any jewelry, except for a wreath of flowers on the head. The silhouette is straight, the dress covers the figure, but this has charm. And lace trim only emphasizes the beauty of the girl.
Новый крутой скраб для душа #lush с оригинальным названием Скраб Скраб Скраб=) на основе морской соли и древесного угля.

Хоть лето нас и не радует сильной жарой, но все же в это время года хочется легких средств, которые бы освежали и охлаждали. Поэтому каждое лето у меня  входу гель алоэ - универсальное средство для лица и тела. В этот раз это баночка от #HimalayaHerbals

Цветочная вода -мой идеальный тоник для утреннего ухода за лицом. Я обожаю гидролаты, но эта новинка от #teana больше чем гидролат!

Для любого продукта в декоративной косметике важна стойкость, поэтому многие компании создают различные продукты, которые будут держаться весь день. #Mark пошел дальше и выпустил целую линейку супер-стойких средств для губ и бровей в формате лайнеров. Посмотрим на них?

Oriflame представляет новую серию Feel good - ароматы для настроения этим летом. В коллекцию вошли 4 парфюмированых геля для душа и 2 туалетные воды. Давайте посмотрим на них подробнее?

The dress in blue is very feminine and beautiful. Therefore, I present to you a site Yesbabyonline with a huge selection of ink blue bridesmaid dresses. It will not work out!
 Dresses on thin straps always seem to me somehow very tender and feminine. This is just one of those. Elegant blue color, long hem without any troubles and a beautiful bodice with many draperies. You can wear this on a summer wedding to your best friend. It is good to supplement it with a bundle or curls, simple sandals and moderately bright makeup. From accessories, choose a clutch and a string of pearls.
 This one-shoulder dress already looks more solemn. Therefore, I recommend putting it on for prom at school or college. Its midi length will draw attention to your legs, and one open shoulder to beautiful arms. Complement with classic pumps or wedge sandals. In the hairstyle, it is also good to make an asymmetric parting. Make up any!
 Elegant evening dress for a solemn appearance. The theater is also suitable. Moreover, the dress is universal - it can be worn in the summer with simple shoes and a classic bun in your hair, or in winter with a fur coat and a boa. You will look amazing in it, and your companion will not get tired of giving you compliments.
For the most daring and confident in their figure, this dress is suitable beautifully dusted blue with an open neckline without straps. The bodice is draped in such a way that the breast seems larger, but this is in our hands. Slightly reduce the degree of sexuality with smooth hair, simple but expressive makeup and modest accessories.
Great poster site for dress any figure Newarrivaldress presents beautiful short formal dress. Let's get to know them in more detail?
 A perfect short dress for any occasion. Appreciate the most delicate peach color, a magnificent hem from a grid and rich design of a corset. I like stone embroidery and several layers of a tulle skirt. It looks incredibly feminine and fashionable.
 An unusual light dress for a summer graduation. Suitable even for schoolgirls or those who have already graduated from college. Appreciate the delicate blue color, moderately short skirt and a simple bodice on thin straps. Everything to emphasize youth and freshness. And the figure in such a dress will look incomparable!
 A chic white dress with a bluish tint can be worn for any occasion, even your wedding. Or come in as a bridesmaid. Appreciate the beautiful embroidery along the entire length of the product - starting from the bodice, it continues on the hem, emphasizing tenderness and beauty. Thin straps are perfect for summer celebrations. And the chest in such a dress will look attractive.
And this expressive bright scarlet dress does not dare to wear each. Firstly, he has a gorgeous passionate color that you need to be able to beat in the image. Secondly, it has a mini length, which is also an occasion to go to the gym for slim legs. And thirdly, it has a gorgeous open neckline that attracts all eyes. Therefore, be bold in it.
Так уж сложилось, что по субботам я обычно рассказываю про маски. Сами знаете, я очень их люблю. На очереди целлюлозная маска от нового для меня корейского бренда #AHC .

Another selection of stylish wedding dresses from the site you already know Newarrivaldress. I present to you cheap wedding dresses. Look how gorgeous they are!
 Gorgeous embroidered dress in the color of light salty caramel. I love this color, and on the bride it looks very unbanal. In addition to the original shade, the dress is distinguished by a beautiful seileout. A magnificent chic skirt will degenerate into a light train. And the veil echoes him, so it turns out a great ensemble that looks perfect. I like the design of the veil - in the form of a bow, I have never seen this =)
 From chic to a simple dress. I love minimalism, so this dress caught my eye right away. He has a very simple hem, but a beautiful embroidery and lace insert on his chest. It looks stylish and simple, but what a frenzy of imagination in choosing accessories and makeup. Just super!
 For rich weddings, matching dresses. Still want their triumph to be remembered for a long time? Therefore, most girls choose rich outfits, for example, like this one. Here, luxury is felt in every detail. A beautiful lace bodice descends to a modest hem with a chic train. But the veil is just the charm itself. She reminds me of a light cape, which, however, looks flawless. Light accessories and a bouquet - and the perfect look is ready.
And this is my favorite among all - modest at first glance and sexually upon closer examination. I adore open shoulders, here this function is performed to the maximum. Moreover, the chest line is decorated with lace, which looks exciting and feminine. Behind a beautiful lacing that flows into an elegant skirt with a small train. A modest bunch and red lips complement the outfit perfectly.
August is the time for weddings. Therefore, all my readers who are going to get married are probably in search of the perfect wedding dress. I present to you the site babyonlinedress on which are presented sexy bridesmaid dresses. Let's take a closer look at them.
 Any bride wants her wedding to be in the same style. Therefore, it is worth taking care of dresses for girlfriends. These beautiful scarlet outfits will set you apart from the snow-white dress of the main hero of the occasion, but at the same time, they will set off the beauty. An elegant bodice with draperies, lowered shoulders and floor length - all for a perfectly beautiful outfit.

 And this option is not only for those who see dark-skinned or dark skin. Beautiful outfits of the color of dusted roses are perfect for Slavic girls, emphasize the whiteness of the skin and make the general mood for the wedding celebration tender and at the same time expressive. The elegant lace decor at the top of the dress looks seductive.
 Of course, according to established traditions, only the bride should be in white at the wedding. But who is following these traditions now? And bridesmaids can look stylish, wearing snow-white outfits. This dress model looks modern and ultra-seductive. Low shoulders, open neckline. But at the same time, a minimum of accessories and a modest bouquet - all at the highest level.
Another great option for a gentle wedding. Dusty pink dress on wide, lowered straps with a floor length. A great way to stand out at a summer celebration. A great reason to also show your neckline. Pay attention to the magnificent bodice - it is richly decorated in order to make even small breasts appear magnificent.
Всем привет!  У меня беда - сломались любимые очки (кошка столкнула со стола, и они разбились). И вот как раз я вспомнила про сайт https://jupitoo.com/, и решила выбрать себе новую пару. Давайте выберем вместе? Хочу напомнить, что это классный магазин отличных изделий по доступным ценам и с доставкой по всему миру. Выбор там просто закачаешься!

Первый вариант - классические линзы. Вариант слева нравится мне тонкой оправой и розовыми дужками - смотрится стильно и подойдет практически под любой образ. Да и цена привлекательная, к тому же, отзывы говорят, что изделия качественные. Вариант посередине с более массивными линзами в уже выраженной оправе и тонкими дужками. У меня были похожие, но я вот думаю - стоит ли брать такие повторно? Или выбрать третий вариант - стильные массивные очки в пластиковой оправе. Такие очки точно привлекут внимание и не оставят никого незаметными. Мне нравится, что форма у них слегка вытянутая, что подчеркнет глаза и брови. 

А эта подборка очков в стиле ретро. В последнее время они мне стали нравиться на других, да и в салонах я примеряла, мне идут=) Начнем с левого крайнего варианта - черепаховая оправа, классическая форма линз со слегка увеличенным размером. Думаю, они круто будут смотреться в любом образе в любое время года. Да и цвет универсальный. На осень отлично подойдут вторые слева. У них уже более вытянутая форма "кошачьего глаза", яркая расцветка в рыже-коричневых тонах. Мне нравится, что с ними не придется особенно заморачиваться с макияжем, ведь они сами по себе яркие.  

Очки вторые справа нравятся мне своим цветом больше остальных. У них яркий голубой оттенок сочетается с теплым коричневым. Я люблю такую комбинацию оттенков, тем более, синий и его разновидности - мои фавориты в одежде и обуви, ну и в аксессуарах тоже. Поэтому я склоняюсь больше к их выбору. Ну и крайний правый вариант тоже неплохой - такой прямо загадочный и таинственный. Я оценила плавный переход цветов от светлого к темному, массивную оправу и дужки. Думаю, будет уместно носить такие очки везде, где вам пожелается.

А какую модель вы бы выбрали себе, если носите очки?
Новый виш-лист с известного вам сайта Banggood. Смотрим, что предлагают?

solar power bank
Пауэр-бэнков много не бывает, особенно, когда долго едешь, а зарядить телефон или планшет нельзя. Поэтому на помощь приходят они. Этот вариант емкий, стильный, его хватит чтобы точно пару раз зарядить свой гаджет и не остаться без связи в нужное время. 

LED Night Light

Прикольный ночник, который меняет цвет и реагирует на движение рук. Мне такой не особо нужен, но думаю тем, у кого есть дети, точно подойдет. Выглядит стильно, впишется в любой интерьер комнаты.

face whitening cream

Крем с витамином Е - самым полезным витамином для упругости кожи. Обещают быстрое восстановление и питание. Я бы такой крем взяла на зиму, там он точно пригодится - справляться с шелушениями и сухостью. 

xiaomi mi

Универсальный аксессуар - спортивный трекер. Сделан в стиле унисекс, показывает время, дату, пройденные шаги, сожженные калории. У меня был пару лет назад такой, прикольная игрушка. Теперь думаю возродить подсчет пройденного расстояния за день=)

Марка, выпускающая крутые и стильные аксессуары для аудио. Тут вам и наушники любых видов и стиля, блютуз-колонки и прочие нужные агрегаты. Меломаны, присмотритесь, вам точно стоит обратить внимание на данный бренд. 

И еще один фирменный бренд на сайте, который предлагает часы. В наличии мужские и женские, я подобрала вам вторые - для своей аудитории, но мужские тоже очень красивые. Мне нравятся правые крайние - розовое золото, аккуратный циферблат и прочный металлический ремешок. Женственно и элегантно!

Косметика #Mixit знакома каждому. Поднимите руки, кто о не слышал? Уверена, таковых мало. Я познакомилась с ней на заре ее восхождения на косметический Олимп, но после только смотрела и думала, а надо ли оно мне? За меня решила подруга, и преподнесла в подарок этот шампунь. Что ж, я его попробовала и готова вынести честное мнение.

Hello to all! I am pleased to introduce you to the new site newchic.com. On it you will find a chic selection of a wide variety of wardrobe items. Let's take a closer look at them?

xiaomi shoes

Lovely men's sneakers in classic black. I think they will be a universal option for those who love sports style. They are not ashamed to come to work, and just take a walk in the park in the evening. The white sole does not make them commonplace, distinguishes its owner from the crowd.

And for the summer, you can choose universal sandals. Down with a lot of oil shale (someone else generally wears it). Now men can also look stylish, choosing high-quality leather shoes. In such sandals it is not hot, but comfortable. Ideal for every day!

mijia xiaomi shoes

And this option is for those who love sports in all its manifestations. Stylish color ultramarine, colored inserts, flexible soft sole in white. All this makes sports style pronounced, and the owner of such a pair of shoes - confident. Ideal for both walking and running in the park in the morning or evening before bedtime. Keep fit!

xiaomi free tie shoes

I like this pair of sneakers the most from the selection. It attracts a non-banal gray color, no matter how it sounds. But it is rarely possible to find such a color on men. And this one is not only stylish, but also comfortable. Sneakers can be used for daily use or take a walk in them on weekends. The legs do not get tired, and the whole image is extremely successful.

xiaomi smart shoes

Blue is not so popular among men's shoes, although this is strange - it is as versatile as black. At least I like blue shoes on men. And I would love to buy such sneakers to my husband. Stylish color, comfortable branded sole, which gently springy when walking or running, so that the legs do not get tired. Great option for all men!

Another pair of sneakers in versatile black color. Perfect for both jeans and trousers, of course, not classic. The sneakers are light in appearance, and therefore will not cause any discomfort. The white sole does not look faceless, gives its owner individuality and self-confidence.

Another selection of cool dresses wholesale homecoming dresses from the website 27dress . Let's take a closer look at them:

Extraordinarily beautiful scarlet dress for prom or a wedding trip to your beloved girlfriend. A flared skirt-sun emphasizes beautiful slim legs, and an open neckline - chest. The corset is strong and the fabric is dense, so you should not worry about support. Combine with light curls and simple shoes, the way the dress attracts the eye only to itself.
 And this is a real chic evening party! A beautiful burgundy dress with a flared skirt and narrow straps with a V-neck is useful to all luxurious girls. Midi length makes it perfect for any occasion. Combine, as in the photo, with nude sandals and a light hairstyle with released locks, it will be very feminine!
And for summer weddings, this mini-dress of bright red color with a flounce on the chest will be more relevant than ever. Advice to the owners of a small breast: it will increase it favorably. The back of the dress leaves the will of imagination - an open back and crossed straps look very stylish. I like the bright color, which is perfect for tanned skin.
For original brides, this beautiful mini-dress in snow-white color is suitable. Just look how charming it is! To the best of fluffy skirt with a multi-layer hem and lace, a corset to emphasize a thin waist and a beautiful bodice on thin straps. The dress is more suitable than never before for weddings in the style of boho or just for those who do not want to get married in a dress-cake =) Curls and cute jewelry will only emphasize the sweetness of the bride.